EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) is a durable geomembrane with a 40-years proven performance history in exposed applications.
This remarkable material is used for heavy duty construction jobs around the world and has been
found to be ideal for pond and water garden applications. AQUAFLEX EPDM is both extremely flexible
and impervious to chemicals, abrasion and extreme temperatures. it is easy to install and sure to
provide years of trouble-free enjoyment. It is Chemical and abrasion resistant Temperature impervious, extreme temperatures (-30upto 70) have no effect.

AQUAFLEX’s role does not stop here, with on site supervision and advice, you can rest assure of our full support all along the duration of your project.
AQUAFLEX EPDM is perfect for foundation waterproofing, parking decks, lining applications such as
garden and landscape, ponds & water reservoirs. AQUAFLEX produce a comprehensive range of roofing
to satisfy every requirement for waterproofing roofs and facades starting from 0.75mm,1mm,1.2mm,1.5mm
and 2mm.The range includes membranes, adhesive, adhesive tape and large roof-size sheets.

AQUATOX Single-layer EPDM membrane complying with the most severe environmental requirements for toxicity.
AQUATOX FISHPOND has been tested according to the OECD guidelines for the testing of chemicals, procedures 202 and 203,
and classified as not harmful. It has therefore been granted the corresponding AQUATOX certificates
(Aquatox standard operating procedure EP 009 for daphnia magna, 48-hour test and rainbow trout, 96-hour test).
AQUATOX EPDM is the ideal material to realize all your ornamental ponds; whether it is (anornamental)
pond for the industry or for an individual, swimming ponds. The characteristics of this product are
innumerable and present numerous advantages for the architect, the garden contractor or an individual
person.is ideal for pond liners which is very flexible and designed to conform to any cavity in the
ground, regardless of its shape.They are built to withstand serious punishment, remain flexible through
extreme temperatures and are UV resistant. and come with a 20-year warranty which guarantees a solid
and leak-proof pond.