The Company

AQUAFLEX BIULDING SYSTEMS was established in The Netherlands in 1996, and registered in the Hague
chamber of commerce under no: K.v.K 27062116.
The primary goal of AQUAFLEX was on development and production of
High quality building materials with the emphasis on using eco-friendly,non toxic products to help the
environment and totally re-cycled.

Now AQUAFLEX strive to lead the way in innovation and continuously with its partners developing new products,
while maintaining its high standard of quality and customer service.Based on our experience and solid business reputation
We have built with our customers worldwide, we look forward
to serve you ,and our future customers.

Our Vision

To provide value beyond building, To outperform the industry in all that we do
•Cultivating client loyalty.
•Nurturing a safe, collaborative workplace.
•Creating a culture that rewards performance and innovation.
•Having a positive impact on the communities in which we work.
•Building high performing team….